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Integral Burner, Dryback

  • Steam and hot water
  • 125 to 800 HP
  • Natural gas, #2 and #6 oil, combination
  • 15 to 250+ psi on steam, 30 to125 psi on hot water
  • Available to < 9 ppm NOx

The Cleaver-Brooks Model CBLE is a dryback firetube boiler designed with a completely integrated integral burner offering the highest efficiencies and emissions levels down to 9 ppm NOx.

The Model CBLE is a complete package including pressure vessel, integral burner, and controls. Components are designed and manufactured for reliability and long life, maximum safety, ease of maintenance, and the lowest emissions, guaranteed.

Upgrade or retrofit your system with Cleaver-Brooks controls, economizers, water treatment systems, and all the other system components to build a state-of-the-art boiler room of virtually any size and capacity.


  • 5 sq ft / blr HP (excludes 800 HP)
  • Integral front head burner
  • Options for low NOx control



  • Lower Fuel Cost
  • Lower Emissions


  • Process Steam
  • Industrial Process
  • Building Heat
  • Sterilization
  • Humidification
  • Hospital and Healthcare
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning

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Case Study

Maximizing Boiler Efficiency with Hybrid Boilers

A hybrid boiler plant is defined as a hydronic heating plant combining condensing and non-condensing boilers.  This system is designed to take advantage of the best properties of both types.  Through the proper system design, control and boiler selection, we may be able to save the same amount of energy associated with a properly designed full condensing plant at a cost of one third to one half of an all condensing plant.