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Products By Application

Determine the right Cleaver-Brooks solution based upon your application.

Process Steam

For 80 years, Cleaver-Brooks has been setting the standard for high-performing, quality boiler room products and systems for virtually every steam application. Steam boilers for bakeries, plastic processors, paper manufactures and a host of other industries that require high-pressure steam – factories, laboratories, hospitals – virtually anywhere process steam is required. 

Industrial Process

Regardless of your industrial steam need, reliability is key – down time means loss in production and related revenues. Solutions can vary greatly, depending on the type of application – pulp and paper plants, healthcare facilities, institutions, food processing plants, and a wide variety of manufacturing plants all have unique requirements. 

Building Heat

Boilers designed for heating can range from a small vertical condensing unit, to a large horizontal firetube steam boiler, to a hybrid solution across a system of boilers.


Boilers have long been used for hot water and steam for cleaning and sanitizing in a variety of applications such as food processing plants, dry cleaners, hospitals, laboratories, rubber processors, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. 


Boiler systems can provide clean steam for humidity control inside greenhouses, HVAC installations, computer rooms, libraries, hospitals, and anywhere that steam humidifiers are required. Cleaver-Brooks can provide your humidity control system with the efficiency you need.

Waste Heat Recovery

Cleaver-Brooks pioneered the customized packaged steam generator, and now they can be used for heat-recovery applications including waste heat, incinerators, economizers, and air heaters, and can be built optimized specifically for your needs. 

Power & Utilities

Cleaver-Brooks can design, manufacture and maintain reliable, utility-scale boilers burning an extensive range of fossil fuels for power generation applications. Our extensive combustion technology allows you to burn these fuels as cleanly as possible, improving efficiency and reducing all emissions.

Hospital & Healthcare

With more boilers operating in the healthcare market than anyone in the business, we design, manufacture and supply the entire system. This helps to ensure all elements work together seamlessly while maximizing efficiency for the unique seasonal and load requirements of hospitals.

Oil Sands & Petrochemical

Cleaver-Brooks can custom design, manufacture and maintain a range of boiler systems commonly found in oil and gas refineries and petrochemical plants, built to tolerate substantial upsets in water quality, heat flux and flow.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Whether its floor space, fuel options, fuel costs, emissions, or a plug-and-play, pre-engineered package, Cleaver-Brooks has a fuel-efficient option for your laundry or dry cleaning facility. Our boilers are used to supply steam for commercial dry cleaning equipment, utility presses, form finishers, garment steamers, pressing irons, etc.