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Upcoming webinar:

November 19, 2014 2 p.m. ET - Primary Factors in Designing Efficient Hydronic Heating Systems

With the introduction of high-and low-mass condensing hot water boilers, selecting the right system and boiler type is critical to meet efficiency, reliability, and budget goals. This webinar is designed to help engineers and contractors to focus on the primary factors to be considered when designing a highly efficient hydronic system. Topics covered will include:

• Piping arrangements for the highest efficiency, 
• Selecting the appropriate hydronic boiler, 
• Selecting the appropriate pumping arrangement, and 
• Incorporating the best control system strategy.

All of these are important to support overall system reliability, maximize operational efficiency, and conserve limited budget dollars.

Though this webinar is especially targeted to engineers, its content is suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about the hydronic heating systems.

tions and comments can be submitted in advance to marketing@cleaverbrooks.com.


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