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Maintenance and Upgrade Kits

Specialty Maintenance

Cleaver-Brooks provides aftermarket part kits designed to include parts used by most customers for general repairs and/or when upgrades are required. We rely on our own product expertise as well as our representatives’ skilled, on-site service experience to generate each kit. We provide components that are intended to minimize downtime and prevent additional delays related to finding that “other” part that should have been ordered, but was overlooked. Our available kits range from complete front or rear refractory walls related to our industrial watertube boiler line, to floor tile kits, to drum internal kits, to firetube high turndown burner upgrade kits, to jackshaft upgrade kits, to pressure vessel repair kits, as well as gasket kits, to name a few. Cleaver-Brooks kits will improve your upgrade and/or repair’s success because we identify what is needed, provide you with a single reliable source, and use products designed and engineered to work on Cleaver-Brooks equipment.

Many Cleaver-Brooks kits have been in the marketplace for decades. As a result, competitors attempt to provide similar kits, but often fall short of providing the same product quality and/or the same bill of materials. When comparing price, it would also be advisable to check bill of material. When comparing kits, you will find that there is a clear apples-to-oranges result, and with other kits, you may have to purchase additional parts when the service work begins, often delaying re-startup. You can trust that Cleaver-Brooks kits have been created to service our products and to provide true value to our customers.


  • Specifically designed and engineered for Cleaver-Brooks equipment
  • More than 750 kits readily available
  • Packaged for convenience and assurance
  • Kit component selections targeted to reduce downtime
  • Packaged for value price