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Complete Tube Line Offering

Specialty Tubes

Cleaver-Brooks Thomasville, Ga., tube mill produces standard, dimpled, and high-surface area tubes for our firetube and watertube boilers.

Boiler tubes are considered part of the pressure vessel and provide significant surface area for heat transfer from the hot combustion gas to the waterside of the boiler. Combustion gases can either flow through the center of the tube (firetube boiler application) or flow around the tube and heat the water within the tube (watertube boiler application). Boiler tubes can have smooth surfaces, can be rifled, can be finned, can have membranes, and can also be designed to contain various forms of inserts.

Boiler tubes provide a significant surface area for heat transfer and can be tied directly to ongoing boiler efficiency. A layer of combustion soot on the fireside can act as an insulator and prevent the tube skin from achieving optimal heat transfer differentials, thus reducing the boiler efficiency as well as the potential capacity of the boiler. A layer of scale on the waterside can also act as an insulator and will reduce the heat transfer through the tube while allowing tube skin temperatures to exist outside the manufacturer’s original design expectations. Routine maintenance should be performed to insure both the fireside and waterside of boilers are clean, for maximum boiler efficiency.


  • Produced in accordance with ASME requirements using SA178 GR A STL
  • Bent, dimpled, or high-surface area tubes have been specifically designed and engineered for Cleaver-Brooks equipment
  • 1.5”, 2.0” and 2.5” diameters available
  • .095”, .105”, .110”, .120” and .135” wall thicknesses available