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2010 Tip Sheets


Browse through our listing of monthly tip sheets below and see how Cleaver-Brooks is helping businesses run better everyday.


December 2010:

When Does O2 Trim Make Cents?

To combust a fuel, it takes fuel, heat and air. An excessive amount of air in the combustion mix is wasteful as it robs the burner’s energy, taking Btu’s away from the heat exchange process, applying it to exiting stack gasses. Read more.


November 2010:

Combustion Air Requirements for Boilers

Not often do people realize that combustion in a boiler is really a chemical reaction wherein carbon is blended with air then heat oxidized, ultimately releasing exothermic heat while forming carbon dioxide and water. Read more.


October 2010:

What You Need to Know About Converting Water to Steam

In the case of the water heater, the water does not reach 212° F, so it’s not boiling, but it could if the temperature sensor was not functioning properly, and the safety valve on top of the tank was blocked. Read more.


August 2010:

Limiting NOx Formation in the Natural Gas Combustion Process

Combustion engineers of burners today, specifically those used in boiler applications, ovens and furnaces, are very aware of the by-product emissions resulting from the oxidation process. Read more.


July 2010:

The Basics of a Boiler Stack Economizer

Boiler stack economizers have been around for years; using round, finned coils (normally 7 fins per inch), encased in an insulated metal housing which is either cylindrical or square in shape, and mounted on or near the boiler’s vent outlet. Read more. 

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