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2011 Tip Sheets


Browse through our listing of monthly tip sheets below and see how Cleaver-Brooks is helping businesses run better everyday.  

December 2011:

All Exhaust Systems Are Not the Same

Designing stacks to provide the right amount of natural draft involves a number of factors such as a desired amount of excess combustion air. Read more.


November 2011:

Determining the Best Boiler to Meet Your Needs

When selecting a boiler, design, application, capacity are considered. After that, fuels, emissions and efficiency are important factors to consider for optimum system performance that affect long-term boiler operating costs. Read more.


October 2011:

Engineering the First Steam-Ready Industrial Watertube Boiler

Cleaver-Brooks took its past experience and proven design and combined it with new technologies to develop a steam-read, integrated, industrial watertube boiler system that reduces the overall project schedule by 30 percent. Read more.


September 2011:

Getting the Best Performance from Your Boiler

Boilers have a long, useful life.  Many large commercial and industrial boilers operate for 25 years or more; however, inefficiencies often increase with age.  Once of the best investments is to install an integrated control system on a boiler. Read more.


August 2011:

What You Need to Know About EPA's New Rules for Boilers

On March 21, 2011, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published rules regarding air emissions in the Federal Register.  Two of the three rules pertain to boilers an are specifically designed to reduce emissions of air pollutants. Read more.


July 2011:

The Cost of an Oversized and Cycling Boiler

Oversized boiler/burner cycling is extremely inefficient as it exacerbates fixed losses such as radiation and convection that increase at the lower firing rates as a percent of a full input. Read more.  


June 2011:

What You Need to Know About Water Hammer

How many times have you been in an industrial steam plant and saw steam piping moving erratically back and forth or sideways due to forces exerted within it? What you were witnessing was water hammer, and it should not be happening. Read more.


May 2011:

Pump Life Into That Old Steam Boiler

It is often said that once a steam boiler reaches 20 to 25 years of service, it’s worn out, outdated and ready to be replaced. In reality, this could be a very costly mistake? Read more.


April 2011:

Save Finite Resources and Cash Through Energy Savings

We as a nation consume over 33 quadrillion Btu's annually, which equates to over 20 million barrels of oil per day.  That is 25% of the world's energy.  So what do we do?  Burn alternative fuels?  Convert to solar, geothermal and/or nuclear? Read more.


March 2011:

Low Voltage Can Kill

All too often, mechanical and boiler room operators have a tendency to regard electricity as dangerous only if it’s high voltage -- anything over 115/120 volts. Read more.


February 2011:

Stack Temperature and Efficiency: The Relationship 

Appreciating the relationship of stack temperature to boiler energy efficiency boils down to a matter of degrees Fahrenheit (F). The key is understanding the basis by which one can properly evaluate the condition. Read more.  


January 2011:

Controlling the Burners Fuel-Air Ratio

This month, we will explore the mechanical devices that can be applied to the burner to control the fuel/air ratio, and how a higher degree of  sophistication can result in better overall performance. Read more.

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