CBCW Integrated Watertube Boiler

Industrial Watertube Boilers

  • Assembly: Shop Assembled
  • Steam Flows (lb/hr): 10,000 - 225,000
  • Construction: Membrane Wall Construction
  • Emissions (ppm NOx): <9
  • Steam Temperature: Saturated
  • Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane, Digester, #2 Light Oil
  • Circulation: Natural Circulation
  • Type: D-type, O-type
  • Saturated Steam
  • 10,000 to 225,000 lb/hr
  • Natural Gas, Propane Digester, #2 Light Oil
  • 100 to 550 psig on steam
  • Available to less than 9 ppm NOx


The CBCW is the newest addition to the Cleaver-Brooks IWT family. Designed with a 100% membrane water-cooled furnace, this boiler system includes a high-efficiency boiler and burner, heat recovery economizer, advanced control system, and complete exhaust stack, ducting and platforms. All available at shortened lead times and includes comprehensive technical documentation.


IWT boilers can fire renewable natural gas, biogas and hydrogen. They achieve <2 ppm NOx with an ultra-low NOx burner and SCR equipment, and options are available to increase boiler efficiency by 5% on average.

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  • Simplified puchase process and reduced manufacturing time.
  • Detailed technical documentation and equipment drawings available at time of proposal.
  • Only single-source supplier for integrated boiler, burner and controls.
  • Accomodates customization to specific project requirements.
  • Furnace construction utilizes welded-membrane wall design.
  • Boiler wall constructions are 100% water cooled and refractory free.
  • Can accomodate emissions reduction equipment - SCR and/or oxidation catalyst.


Designed to simplify the purchase of industrial watertube boilers, the CBCW series enables customers to receive technical documentation at the time of the quote. This documentation includes information regarding project schedule, expected boiler performance for emissions calculations, system instrumentation, utility consumption, costs, transportation, dimensions, etc. These pre-engineered boiler packages can shorten delivery time by up to 12 weeks. With technical information and drawings available more quickly, customers receive faster boiler delivery from Cleaver-Brooks and can plan and manage their work more efficiently. The CBCW D-Type boilers utilize a 100% membrane water-cooled furnace, reducing costly and time-consuming maintenance. The welded front and rear walls also are water cooled and refractory free. These engineered boiler systems include the Cleaver-Brooks Hawk 4500 control, which is ideal for all capacities of industrial watertube applications requiring single-point positioning, parallel positioning or full metering.


BYU Replaces Coal-Fired Boilers →

BYU replaced coal boilers with two O-type watertube boilers, a CBEX Elite firetube boiler and a HRSG, and pursued independence from local electrical grid.

Buffalo Trace Installs New Boiler System →

Cleaver-Brooks custom-designed a 150,000 Lb/Hr D-style industrial watertube boiler with integrated Natcom® burner and Hawk 6000 control system to maximize the steam capacity as well as meet the specifications required for the historic building.

Configurable Watertube Boiler Video →

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