Boiler Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Facilities Operation

Efficiency and reaction time are critical in the healthcare industry. Cleaver-Brooks provides complete boiler room solutions that help facilitate better patient care, optimizing hospital and healthcare campus operations for seasonal and load requirements.

What Kind of Boilers Do Hospitals Use?

Hospitals use boilers for building heat, humidification, sterilization, laundry, and food preparation, and they are unique in that they are required by code and CMS regulations to have a backup power supply. In the boiler room, this means N+1 redundancy. 

Cleaver-Brooks designs systems that meet your sustainability goals and requirements in both normal and emergency situations.

Among our offerings are the CBEX, the most reliable and efficient firetube boiler on the market today, the FLX packaged watertube boiler, and the award-winning ClearFire®-CE condensing hydronic boiler that is up to 99% efficient with <20 ppm NOx standard.

Insights into Your Boiler Operation

Without advanced boiler controls, emergency situations and daily-load variances can significantly impact boiler performance and your bottom line.

Our Prometha® IoT solution collects critical data and provides actionable insights, making boiler optimization simple, whether the system is functioning in normal or emergency mode.


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Chinook Hospital desired to lower its NOx emissions and reduce its total heating surface to change its boiler plant classification. Cleaver-Brooks met these goals by installing three CBEX Elite boilers with stack economizers that reduced fuel usage by 8% and electrical costs by 40%.

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Boiler systems today are engineered to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Condensing boilers are a popular option because they recover energy that otherwise would be discharged out the boiler stack, enabling them to achieve more than 90% efficiency when operated with the proper conditions.

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Industry 4.0 continues to sweep through industry, constantly penetrating and changing new areas of plant operations. That change has finally come to the boiler room. Cleaver-Brooks has launched its Prometha® IoT-connected boiler solution, which provides actionable insights into your boiler operation.

Partner With Us for Customized Boiler Solutions Partner With Us for Customized Boiler Solutions
Partner With Us for Customized Boiler Solutions

Partner With Us for Customized Boiler Solutions

You can count on Cleaver-Brooks to meet the needs of your healthcare or hospital campus.

Contact your local Cleaver-Brooks representative to discuss a safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and sustainable boiler room solution for your facility.