Boiler Solutions for Commercial & Public Facilities

Commercial & Public Facility Solutions

Heating needs vary greatly depending on building size and application. With products ranging from hydronic condensing units to steam firetube boilers, Cleaver-Brooks boiler systems can meet your specific requirements.

Best Boilers For High-Efficiency, Low-Emissions

Cleaver-Brooks offers a broad range of solutions for commercial and public facilities. Many buildings rely on our fully condensing ClearFire®-CE (CFC-E) boiler, which achieves up to 99% efficiency due to in part to its proprietary TurboFer® firetube technology. The burner design minimizes emissions with <20 ppm NOx standard, making it easy to meet low-carbon goals.

The Cleaver-Brooks CBEX boiler with EX technology is a popular choice for building owners aiming to cut emissions and reduce costs. It offers the highest operating efficiency among firetube boilers with a 10:1 turndown ratio, all in a compact and quiet design.

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What Size Boiler Do I Need?

Cleaver-Brooks works with consulting engineers and building owners throughout North America to tailor boiler system solutions to meet their needs. In one high-rise building, our boiler system cut fuel usage by 20% and reduced emissions from uncontrolled to low NOx. As a result, the building won the President’s Award for Sustainability from BOMA.

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The boiler system in this 30-year-old office building was inefficient. Replacing it required demolition and reconstruction. By replacing the burners and adding advanced controls to the existing boilers, fuel usage decreased by 20%, and emissions were reduced to low-NOx.

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Boiler systems today are engineered to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Condensing boilers are a popular option because they recover energy that otherwise would be discharged out the boiler stack, enabling them to achieve more than 90% efficiency when operated with the proper conditions.

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Industry 4.0 continues to sweep through industry, constantly penetrating and changing new areas of plant operations. That change has finally come to the boiler room. Cleaver-Brooks has launched its Prometha® IoT-connected boiler solution, which provides actionable insights into your boiler operation.

Need Help with Finding The Right Boiler Room Solution? Need Help with Finding The Right Boiler Room Solution?
Need Help with Finding The Right Boiler Room Solution?

Need Help with Finding The Right Boiler Room Solution?

Efficiency, reliability, safety and sustainability are important considerations in boiler selection and the cornerstones of Cleaver-Brooks systems. A reliable and efficient boiler keeps building occupants comfortable and safe without wasting energy.

Contact your local Cleaver-Brooks representative to discuss an efficient, safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and sustainable boiler room solution for your facility.