Boiler Solutions for Manufacturing

Production & Sterilization Solutions

From production to sterilization, Cleaver-Brooks presents an all-encompassing steam solution, offering a wide array of sizes paired with cutting-edge controls to optimize performance.

What Boilers are Best for the Manufacturing Industry?

In the world of manufacturing, choosing the right boiler is crucial. Unplanned boiler downtime can lead to substantial financial losses, ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cleaver-Brooks addresses this challenge with fully integrated and rigorously factory-tested boiler systems. The result is a smoothly operating plant, ensuring reliability, safety, and efficiency.

Selecting the perfect boiler type hinges on your production requirements. Cleaver-Brooks proudly offers two standout options. The Cleaver-Brooks CBEX stands as the most efficient firetube boiler available today. Simultaneously, the FLX takes the lead as the premier packaged watertube boiler, tailor-made for steam and hot water applications.

For those striving for a zero carbon and emissions footprint, the electric or electrode boilers offer an attractive solution. These boilers excel in efficiency across all operational stages.

In the realm of large-scale production facilities, watertube boilers take the spotlight. Cleaver-Brooks not only provides boilers but also tailored solutions. Their industrial watertube boilers are precisely designed to match your load requirements and sustainability objectives.

Sustainable Solutions for Manufacturing

Our boilers stand as a testament to energy efficiency, boasting the ability to effectively utilize a range of renewable fuels, such as ethanol, biogas, and hydrogen. This commitment to sustainability is reflected not only in our fuel options but also in the advanced technology we employ for large-scale operations. With industrial watertube boilers equipped with ultra-low NOx burners and SCR equipment, achieving impressive <2 ppm NOx emissions becomes a reality. Moreover, we understand the significance of optimizing performance, which is why we offer additional options to enhance boiler efficiency by an average of 5%. To further streamline operations and ensure seamless functionality, our exclusive Prometha® IoT solution comes into play. This proprietary system empowers you to remotely monitor every facet of your boiler system, promptly receive alerts, and even harness an asset diagnostic tool, collectively leading to reduced maintenance costs and heightened uptime.

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Featured Customer Story

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Buffalo Trace desired to replace a coal-fired boiler housed in a building designated as a National Historic Landmark. Cleaver-Brooks custom-designed an industrial watertube boiler with a low-emissions Natcom® burner and advanced control system to maximize steam capacity and meet building requirements.

Featured White Paper

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Many different terms or names are used to describe steam in various applications and industries. This inconsistent nomenclature can be confusing, resulting in steam not being described correctly, or it being improperly used in a specific application.

Featured Webinar

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Facility optimization begins with a comprehensive review of boiler room equipment with respect to the four cornerstones of Boiler Plant Optimization: Safety, Efficiency, Reliability and Sustainability. Webinar attendees will learn methodologies to uncover opportunities in these areas to achieve operational goals.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution? Need Help Finding the Right Solution?
Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

Need Help Finding the Right Solution?

You can count on Cleaver-Brooks to meet the needs of your manufacturing process.

Contact your local Cleaver-Brooks representative to discuss a safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and sustainable boiler room solution for your facility.