Procure, Build and Commission

Asset Lifecycle Phase II

Procure, Build and Commission

Phase II of Asset Lifecycle Management in a boiler plant is Procure, Build and Commission. This phase is predominantly focused on initiating the purchase of the desired equipment, monitoring the manufacturing process and successfully executing the start-up of the equipment on the end-user’s site. Engineers will be ensuring compliance with specifications and design attributes for the application as well as verifying the documentation is accurate and complete. Installing contractors will be most interested in submittal documentation that is delivered complete, correct and timely as well as understanding the timeframes for the equipment’s expected shipment and arrival. The end-user may have factory acceptance testing requirements and may be interested in inspecting the equipment during the manufacturing process and the arrival pre-commissioning periods. This phase originates with “Order Placement” and continues on to “Customer Acceptance.” 

Cleaver-Brooks offers the following in the Procure, Build and Commission phase:

  • Project management
  • Factory visits, approvals, inspections, acceptance tests
  • Installation services by the authorized Rep 
  • Commissioning team by the authorized Rep
  • Customer acceptance event (welcome package)
  • Understanding boiler rentals, risk mitigation
  • Spare parts (emergency, spare, annual)
  • Training programs (customer acceptance event, +6 mos.)
  • Proper asset identification tagging, written documentation, data storage
  • Development and documentation for standard operating procedures
  • Service and warranty
  • Purchasing options:
    • Authorized sales and service representatives
    • Register a project
    • E-commerce
    • Become a strategic account


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Our rental solutions provide for: capacity increases, peak demand, plant or steam outages, equipment shutdown due to inspection, retrofit or repair, and redundancy or disaster response contingency plans. 

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